The Psychic Labradorite OOAK necklace in sterling silver



The Psychic Labradorite OOAK Necklace 

Labradorite is your psychic bestie! This stone has long been associated with magick and psychic abilities. It is said to help open a pathway between the physical world and spirit world. It's also extremely protective, which makes it ideal for anyone practicing psychic work regularly. 

❤️ This necklace features two flashy labradorite stones a variety of colors. 
❤️ Handcrafted setting and chain are made of solid .925 sterling silver. Each piece in this line has an eye design on the back as a reminder of the eye-opening and magickal properties of this stone.
❤️ You will receive the same exact piece shown in the images. It will be shipped from our studio in 1-2 business days.
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