Leo OOAK Carnelian Necklace in sterling silver

  • $85.00
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Leo OOAK Carnelian Necklace

This handcrafted one-of-a-kind piece contains a gemstone specifically selected to help improve your best astrological traits and balance your less desirable traits. Learn more about how this specific stone will help you below.  

Though Leo’s are loved by many this can make them lazy. If everything has come easily to you and you don’t feel like trying when the going gets tough, this fiery stone can give you the boost you need.

❤️ This necklace features a 25mmX18mm carnelian stone.                       

❤️ The handcrafted setting is made of solid .925 sterling silver with brass embellishments. Select your chain length from options, chain is solid sterling silver with an anti-tarnish coating. 

❤️ You will receive the same exact piece shown in the images. It will be shipped from our studio in 1-2 business days. 
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