The Goddess Discovery Book // Awaken Your Inner Power + Crystal Kit Option



The Goddess Discovery Book is here to give you tools to help you awaken and connect to the power of your inner Goddess. Purchase with or without the accompanying crystal kit. 

Overflowing with knowledge and tools to help you tune in to your inner power and start or continue your spiritual journey inward. This book includes eight chapters and more than twenty activities! Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Chakra balancing guide
  • Chakra mantra cards
  • Two crystal grids
  • 2019 and 2020 fold-out 11X17 moon phase calendars
  • Three coloring pages
  • Aura color quiz
  • Mini oracle card deck of 16 cards
  • Moon phase ritual cards
  • Rune tiles

Book details:

🌙 8.5"X11" Softcover spiral-bound book with 57, full-color pages. Pages that require cutting are perforated on the inside binding to make removing pages easier. 

🌙 Pages have a slight sheen to them. Coloring pages will work best with colored pencils, crayons, or sharpie markers. Gel pens will not work.

🌙 Domestic book orders ship via USPS Media Mail which takes 7-20 days to arrive. If you need this book faster, please upgrade to Priority or Express shipping at checkout. 

Crystal Kit Details:

This crystal kit includes 16-20 crystals (dependent on the size of stones available) and a cloth baggie to store them in.

This crystal kit includes the following stones: 

  • 1 medium quartz point or 2 small quartz points
  • 1 medium carnelian
  • 1 medium malachite or 2 small malachite
  • 1 medium snowflake obsidian
  • 1 medium rhodonite
  • 1 medium citrine
  • 1 medium moss agate
  • 1 medium amethyst
  • 1 medium smoky quartz
  • 2 small kyanite or 1 medium kyanite
  • 2 small howlite or 1 medium howlite
  • 2 small tiger eye or 1 medium tiger eye
  • 2 small rose quartz or 1 medium rose quartz
  • 2 small sodalite
  • 2 small green aventurine or 1 medium green aventurine
  • 2 small hematite or 1 medium hematite

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