Wide Band Chakra Rings with Hidden Mantra and Display Stand in Sterling Silver

  • $406.00

This attractive display showcases our exclusive chakra designs on a wide band, sterling silver ring. The rings all have a secret mantra written on the inside. Each colorful card has information and a mantra about the coordinating chakra.

You will receive:

♥ 7 chakra rings, one for each chakra
♥ Cards for each chakra. 
♥ Free natural wood display (display comes free with first purchase, subsequent purchases of this item will come with rings and cards only)

♥ Rings are made from solid sterling silver
♥ Rings are an adjustable size 7. Most women can wear a size 7 on at least one finger.
♥ Rings are 1/2″ tall with tapered ends for comfortable wearing.

As with all of our pieces, these rings are handmade with great care. Each delicate and divine detail is hand stamped into the metal and then polished by hand to ensure that it shines as brightly as you do.

*One free card holder will be provided for your first purchase of this set.