• Mangano Calcite Moons
  • Mangano Calcite Moons
  • Mangano Calcite Moons

Mangano Calcite Moons

  • $26.50

Mangano calcite or pink calcite offers a gentle, loving, and supportive energy. This stone is ideal for working with when trying to bring more love into your life, whether romantic love or self-love. 

This is an ideal stone for leaning into and exploring your heart space more. Meditate with it or place it on your altar to remind you of the love and beauty all around you. Mangano calcite is also reactive to ultraviolet light and will glow bright purple if you shine a black light on it. 

🌙 You will receive one Mangano calcite moon. 

🌙 Moons range in length from 3.5"-4.5" long. 


❤️ As with all of our crystals, these were mined, cut, and polished ethically. We only work with crystal suppliers that can guarantee ethical work environments and pay for their miners and polishers. We're proud to be able to offer you ethically mined and cut crystal!

❤️ We strive to be as environmentally friendly and ethical as possible. We use recycled and recyclable sterling silver, boxes, tissue paper, and cards. 99% of our materials are purchased from the U.S. to reduce travel pollution and support our local economy. Crystals are sourced from ethical miners and stone polishers. 

❤️ Your purchases support awesome women, handmade products, eco-friendly companies, our local economy, and the proliferation of love and light. THANK YOU!


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