Customize your own point crystal necklace


Chain Metal

Customize a point crystal necklace just for you! The perfect gift for your crystal loving friend or treasure for yourself. Each crystal has its own meaning and power. Read below to learn more about each stone and look through the images to see all of your options.

Hematite Protective, Root Chakra, Aura Shield

Tiger Eye Luck, Good Fortune, Solar Plexus Chakra

Howlite  Calming, Crown Chakra

Amethyst  Calming, Third Eye, Psychic Abilities

Snowflake Obsidian  Balance, Root Chakra, Shadow Work, Protective

Quartz  The Ultimate Healer, Balances all Chakras

Rose Quartz  Unconditional Love, Feminine Energy, Heart Chakra

Red Jasper  Grounding, Root Chakra, Strength, Power

Lavender Jasper  Nurturing, Crown Chakra, Widom, Nobility

Aventurine  Abundance, Mental Clarity, Heart Chakra

Sodalite  Creativity, Throat Chakra, Inner Peace, Communication

Green Jasper Emotional clarity, Heart Chakra, Earth Energy

Goldstone Healing, Sacral Chakra, Passion

♥ Necklace comes in your choice of chain length 18", 20", 24", 28", or 30"

♥ All stones are natural specimens except for Goldstone. Goldstone is a human-made stone that is created by suspending flecks of copper in glass. Expect variations in stone color and pattern.

♥ Add a personal note to your order.

♥ All purchases come gift wrapped. If you do not want your item wrapped, please leave a note during checkout.

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