Goddess Discovery Digital Downloads for Previous Purchases

  • $10.00
What was your order number for your physical purchase of The Goddess Discovery Book?

This listing is for those who have already purchased hard copies of either Goddess Discovery book and would like a downloadable copy.

You will need your order number to receive your digital download. You will receive your download after we verify your previous purchase. Please, allow up to one business day to receive your digital downloads. 

If you cannot find your order number, please send us an email with your full name and email address so we can locate it for you before you purchase. 

🌙 DIGITAL BOOK: You'll receive your files immediately after purchase! This download comes with a PDF file, Epub, instructions for printing, FAQ's, and a bonus activity. The Epub is great for reading on tablets, phones, and e-readers. The PDF is great for printing hard copies. This is for a single download intended for personal use only. 

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