Cancer OOAK Rainbow Moonstone Necklace in sterling silver



Cancer OOAK Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

This handcrafted one-of-a-kind piece contains a gemstone specifically selected to help improve your best astrological traits and balance your less desirable traits. Learn more about how this specific stone will help you below.  

The Cancer sign is ruled by the moon and is also a water sign, making moonstone an ideal fit. Moonstone has a special relationship with both the moon and water. Moonstone can help you get in touch with the best parts of your personality. If you’re feeling insecure, like many Cancer signs can, this stone is also very nurturing.

❤️ This necklace features two rose cut rainbow moonstones. The larger one is 8mmX12mm and the smaller one is 6mmX9mm.

❤️ Handcrafted setting is made of solid .925 sterling silver.

❤️ Comes on an 18-inch chain. Leave us a note during checkout if you would like a different chain length, however, it will be on a different chain than the one shown within the listing.

❤️ You will receive the same exact piece shown in the images. It will be shipped from our studio in 1-2 business days. 
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