WHOLESALE PACK OF 10 GDB V1 // Awaken Your Inner Power

The Goddess Discovery Book V1 is here to give you tools to help you awaken and connect to the power of your inner Goddess.

Overflowing with knowledge and tools to help you tune in to your inner power and start or continue your spiritual journey inward.  

The details:

🌙 You'll receive 10 books. The suggested retail price is $27.50 ea.

🌙 All items are proudly printed and manufactured in the US to ensure an ideal work environment, no child labor, and to create less travel pollution.

🌙 8.5"X11" Softcover, spiral-bound book with 57 full-color pages. Pages that involve cutting are perforated along the inside seem to remove them easily. Each book comes with a 2020/2021 cardstock moon phase calendar.

🌙 Book includes 8 chapters with text, crafts, cut-out divination tools, 2020/2021 moon phase calendar, 5 coloring pages, and more! See images for the table of contents. 


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