About Zenned Out

What does Zenned Out mean to you?

That moment when your mind is fluttering with flashing images of your wildest dreams, when you seemingly lose yourself deep in the connection of all that is, when you are completely absorbed by your soul’s inspired quest for purpose, when your inner goddess has been awakened to the divine magic which guides her way: THAT is being Zenned Out. It is that very sensation on which we built our soul-centered brand.

Born from the heart of a true creative visionary and Femme-Preneur, Cassie Uhl established Zenned Out as means to inspire women to foster a lifestyle in which purpose and passion are fully aligned. It is for this reason that Zenned Out is a women-run empire, where each piece is handcrafted by a woman who holds the same hopes and dreams deep within her heart that you do–to create from deep within, to connect with other goddesses from every corner of Mother Earth, and to be a source of inspired energy to others through her passions. Made to be more than a way to adorn yourself. It is meant to help pave a gilded pathway to open discussion about topics of spirituality, and create a space in which you can fully express your beliefs, hopes and inspirations.

At Zenned Out, all of our jewelry products are handmade in Arizona. We value keeping our craft local, small, and purposeful, so we will continue to make our products right here in the United States. We believe that by valuing craftsmanship and keeping money inside the U.S., change can happen. We are the alternative to mass production, we believe in the lighter side of gift giving, and making a difference in people’s lives. At Zenned Out, we want to give you the purchasing power that makes you feel good–not guilty.

Let your passion lead you to a lifestyle in which you live every day Zenned Out. Don’t hold back, divine darling! Be inspired, embolden others, grow, learn, laugh—and most importantly, let your heart and mind dream freely and wildly of all that you truly desire. Then, make it yours.

What does Zenned Out support?

Zenned Out believes that equality for all is deeply spiritual and actively supports equity for all. We believe that Black lives matter and actively support true equality for BIPOC. 

Here are some ways that we are taking responsibility as a spiritual business to help BIPOC and efforts to end racial inequalities.

  • We welcome inquisitive dialogue but have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech within Zenned Out and in our online communities. 
  • We are always open to hearing your feedback. If you feel something from Zenned Out does not support equality for all, please, let us know. We always striving to do better, grow, and serve all people from a place of love. 
  • A portion of all sales are donated to The Bail Project and a variety of Black activists and educators leading this movement including, Monique Melton, Nicole Cardoza of Anti-Racism daily, and Sonya Renee Taylor
  • We offer a sliding scale for all purchases* made by BIPOC. If you are Black, indigenous, or a person of color and are interested in learning more about receiving a discount on our products, please email us here to receive a unique coupon code. *Discounts cannot be applied to the new "Understanding" book series as all pricing is handled by the publisher, not Zenned Out. 
  • We want to do a better job of uplifting the voices of BIPOC in the spiritual community. If you are a healer, psychic, card reader, or spiritual leader that would like to be compensated for sharing your voice on the Zenned Out blog, please email here with a topic(s) suggestion and to learn more.
  • Furthermore, Zenned Out has taken the Hello Seven Town Hall Pledge and encourages any like-minded businesses to do the same. 

Cassie Uhl, Founder & Owner

My love of creativity, stargazing with my father, a deep adoration for yoga, and my grandmother’s open-minded spirit have all inspired my art and seep into the soul of Zenned Out.

Before launching Zenned Out, I taught art in public schools for five years. As someone with a deep desire to help young people awaken their inner artist, I found myself disheartened by the devaluation of the arts our school systems. I wanted to catalyze change by creating something that inspired others to unleash their own artistic energy and live a life that is in line with their soul’s divine purpose. I have dedicated myself to leading by example, making a living with my art, and thriving as a creative being.

Further, and more personally, I launched Zenned Out with the mission to create a brand that normalized spirituality in the common marketplace and offered people a space to discuss topics of spirituality freely, without fear of judgment. I believe empowerment springs from the wells of open-minded dialogue, freedom of expression, and discovery of one’s inner divine energy. I wanted Zenned Out to galvanize others to saturate the mainstream with unheard of thoughts and inspired actions, in the hopes that it would one day be “normal.”



Brittinie Saenz, Jeweler & OOAK Designer

Brittinie joined the team when it was still being run out of Cassie’s two story apartment! She has a creative background and has learned all of her technique while working at Zenned Out. Brittinie has become an essential part of the Zenned Out team, she is the lead jeweler and designs all of our OOAK (one-of-a-kind) gemstone pieces. She has a deep love for animals, especially cats, taking on the care of any neighborhood cat that is in need. She even captured a rogue scorpion in the studio once to ensure it would be set free.






Aberdeen Parouse, Customer Service, Shipping, & Blog Contributor

Aberdeen joined team Zenned Out in 2019. Her love for crystals and brimming desire to learn more about all things mystical lead her here. She is the shipping queen at Zenned Out and get's your orders out in record speed! She also answers your emails, helps at the physical shop, and shares her crystal wisdom on the Zenned Out blog occasionally as well!







Eryn Johnson, Marketer, Social Media & Blog Contributor

Eryn is a mystic and seeker currently based in Philadelphia. She teaches yoga, reads tarot, does reiki energy healing, and loves to write. She is also the host of the Living Open podcast, and if she’s not teaching yoga or reading tarot you can probably find her in a crystal shop, buying plane tickets, or googling someone’s birth chart. Follow along with her adventures on Instagram at @erynj_







Sydney Martenis, Graphics & Web Designer

Over a craft meeting of painting pet portraits and sewing felt puppets, Cassie and Sydney found they were on the same wavelength of design style and creativity. After designing the Zenned Out branding identity and website, Sydney was brought on as the design guru for the blog, social media, and learning materials. With a background in fine art and over ten years of professional graphic design experience and website building, Sydney enjoys working with small businesses to help them create designs that really speak to their focus.