New Understanding Series

The Zenned Out Series by Cassie Uhl

Available Now: Understanding Auras, Chakras, and Crystals 

Coming September 2021: Understanding Tarot, Understanding The Wheel of the Year, and Journey Tarot deck

 The Zenned Out series is an open invitation to seasoned and curious spiritualists who want to explore their craft. With Cassie's approachable steps and explanations, readers can start using the information right away. Each book is packed full of graphics making these books must-have essentials for every spiritualist.
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More about each book:
  • In The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Auras, expert spiritualist Cassie Uhl shows you how to identify and interpret energetic fields with actionable steps that will make you an expert in no time.
    Auras are constantly changing. Everything can affect your aura: your mood, your health, the food you eat, your environment, and the energy of other people. With The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Auras, you'll learn how to intuit your auric field and what steps you can take to keep your aura radiant, healthy, and protected. You’ll also learn the different layers and colors and what they mean, plus discover techniques to cleanse and heal your energetic field. 
  • The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Crystals covers everything you need to know about crystals and their unique healing properties. A spiritual guide to using crystals for healing, meditating, boosting energy, improving mood, elevating your health, and much more. Transform your life and your mind with the appropriate crystal.  Discover which crystal is right for you and harness its power as you become more balanced and centered. You’ll learn the significance of each crystal’s color and their relation to chakras, the best way to position them, and ideal crystal pairings. With The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Crystals, you’ll deepen the connection between your mind, body, and spirit as you explore the earth's energy through crystals.  
  • Find balance and healing with The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding ChakrasThe Zenned Out Guide to Understanding Chakras covers the seven energy points in your body—the  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and the Crown. Discover how each chakra connects to some part of your body, emotion, and energy. In this gorgeous guide, learn how to tap into your energy centers and unblock specific chakras for a more balanced, relaxed, and healthier you. Ignite the power of your energy by using crystals, essential oils, herbs, and different meditation techniques to help transform your mind, body, and spirit.
  • The Zenned Out Journey Tarot Kit features a deck of illustrated cards, all created and illustrated by the author Cassie Uhl, accompanied by a guidebook to the Minor and Major Arcanas. With this deck and guide, you'll learn to use your intuition to interpret the cards' messages, manifest your intentions, and connect with your inner self as you find insights on where you are and figure out your next move.

    This modern set will introduce you to the art of tarot readings with:
    • 78 lavishly illustrated cards
    • A comprehensive 64-page guidebook to the tarot
    Strengthen your spiritual practice with this ideal kit for spiritual beginners and experts alike.
  • Connect with the divine power of Mother Earth by celebrating with the wheel of the year. The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding the Wheel of the Year walks you through everything you need to know about these Wiccan holidays. You’ll learn their history, their meanings, and important ways you can honor each celebration. Magnify your spiritual practice and spell work by using the powerful energies surrounding these special days and strengthen your connection to the Earth and the divine.
  • Access your intuition to manifest the life you want with this comprehensive introduction to the art of tarot. The Zenned Out Guide to Understanding the Tarot will lead you to increase your self-knowledge and enlightenment through the tarot, demonstrated with illustrations of 78 lavishly designed cards. This comprehensive collection will introduce you to the art of tarot and tarot readings. Complete with actionable exercises and steps that you can easily do at home, you’ll be able to add tarot to your magickal arsenal. You’ll learn how to use your intuition to interpret the cards' messages and use the messages to manifest your intentions.