Energy Work FAQ

 Energy Work & Shamanic Healing  FAQ

What is energy work and Shamanic healing?

The Shaman and Shamanic Practitioner have the ability to travel to the non-ordinary reality, or Otherworld, where the spirit and energetic world reside. This Otherworld is always here among us, and the Shaman has the ability to travel to and from this space for a variety of healing purposes. 

Energy work in a Shamanic tradition can include:

  • Energy work (the act of moving, clearing, mending, and healing your aura and energetic body)
  • Physical healing (please, see my disclaimer about this here before booking
  • Connecting with your spirit guides
  • Psychic information and insights
  • Mediumship
  • Entity removal 
  • Cord cutting (when desired)
  • Retrievals

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What is Shamanism? 

The term “Shaman” is used here as an umbrella term. The origins of Shamanism and the word Shaman come from the Tungus peoples of Siberia and translates to, “one who knows.” Forms of Shamanism and Animism (attributing spiritual essence to all life forms and objects) can be found all over the world. In prehistoric times it was common for tribes and villages to have a Shaman, Medicine Man/Woman, or Wise Woman/Man for spiritual counsel, healing, and death transitions. 

The Shaman is the walker between worlds, and the intermediary between physical and Spirit.

There are many parts of the world where the Indigenous practices of Shamanism have survived in-tact, passed down from generation to generation. However, there are other parts of the world where this hasn’t been the case and it was nearly eradicated. For example, in many parts of Europe, specifically within Celtic cultures. 

What is a Shaman vs. a Shamanic Practitioner? 

In my practice, it is important to distinguish between the Shaman and the Shamanic Practitioner. It is my belief and the belief of my teachers that the full Shaman gives themselves completely to walking the path of Shaman (e.g. many Shamans are celibate, do not marry, or have children.) The title of Shaman is not something to be taken lightly, with it comes great power and even greater responsibility. 

The Shamanic Practitioner incorporates Shamanic healing modalities and can journey in between worlds, but also chooses to remain within the societal norms of this physical plane. As a grateful wife and mother of two, I have chosen the path of Shamanic Practitioner. 

Though it may seem subtle, as someone who has felt the power of full Shaman, I believe that this subtlety is something to be respected. 

What kind of spirituality and Shamanism do you practice?

My shamanic training and experience are in Celtic Shamanism. My ancestry pulls from various places across Europe, including the British Isles and Germany. My spiritual path and work encompasses earth-based spiritual practices rooted in European paganism and the indigenous shamanic practices of the British Isles. 

What are your qualifications and experience? 

  • Apprenticed under Shamanic Practitioner Robin Afinowich since 2019
  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification in 2012 with Ahna Hoke
  • Bachelor degree of Art Education from IUPUI, Heron School of Art in 2008
  • Trauma aware. Trauma informed training in process through Cultivate program with Katie Kurtz 

Is this work the same as Reiki?

No. Though there are similarities between Reiki and Shamanism, their origins and depth of work vary. The healing modality of Reiki channels healing energy from Source, through the practitioner, to the sitter. This technique was channeled by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan during the 1920’s and is used widely to this day.

Reiki is wonderful and it may be a great fit for you, but that’s for you to decide. Learn more about Reiki and other kinds of energy work here. 

Is this a good fit for me?

Though this isn’t something I can answer for you, it is something I can help you determine.

Quiet your mind and body, go within, and ask yourself (or your guides, ancestors, or loved ones passed on) if you would benefit from the medicine I offer. Pay attention and notice how you feel after posing this question and if you receive any nudges. Honor what comes to you.

This work requires consent for me to access and work with your energy, if something feels off about that for you, honor it. My work is not for everyone and that’s okay. If I am not the right match for you, someone else will be. 

What should I do before my session?

  • Please, ensure that you will have quiet and uninterrupted time for our session. 
  • I recommend having a comfortable place to lie down, and a blanket to stay warm, available and ready.  
  • Be sure to turn off any digital notifications and inform those you live with to not disturb you during the session. 
  • Have headphones ready if you do not want to hold the phone up to your ear or have it on speaker. 

How will I feel after my session? 

This varies from person to person. Many report feeling lighter. It’s also common to feel more relaxed, at peace, and connected to Spirit. The way you feel will shift over time. We all experience energy and this work differently. My suggestion is to be open and to try not to set any expectations. 

What can I expect to experience during my session?

Please, read below for the general flow of each session. As far as what you may experience, each session is completely unique as non-ordinary reality is always full of mystery. That said, I have included some common experiences below. 

  • After you schedule your appointment, which you can do here, you'll receive an automatic email with further instructions and a zoom link to meet for our session. 
  • We will begin our session by discussing any pressing issues or questions you may have and things that could come up during the session and how you’d like to approach them if they do. You always have full agency over your energy and experience. 
  • Once you’re ready, I will ask you to get comfortable and I will guide you through a short meditation to help us root into the session. 
  • I will be playing a light drumming sound in the background as I journey to access your energy and it will remain on until the healing work is done, approximately 30-45 minutes.
  • As I access your energy, I will communicate to you what I see, hear, feel, what I am doing, and will relay any messages meant for you.
  • It is common to feel sensations in your body or receive visualizations as I work with your energy.  You may experience full body sensations or sensations in the area I’m working. These experiences will vary from person to person. Some people may feel nothing, others may feel a lot. 
  • Once we close the healing portion of the work, you will have time to ask more questions and to process anything that came up. 

What should I do after my session? 

Drink lots of water, rest, and process (journal, meditate, do nothing, etc.) Do what you feel called to do. Depending on the nature of our work together, you may be given specific rituals and suggestions to do outside of our session. 

Why is there follow up contact? 

Part of my work is to ensure that the medicine given was received and that you are adjusting well to the work we did together. You will be given opportunities to contact me directly if any questions or issues arise, but I will also be in contact with you at least once after our session. 

Will it still work if it’s done remotely and do you offer in-person sessions?

Absolutely. Because the work I do takes place in Otherworld (the Spirit plane), it is not necessary for us to be within the presence of each other physically. I can access your energy from anywhere in the world. 

I have performed both in-person and remote sessions, and, personally, find remote sessions to be more beneficial. Remote sessions allow each of us to be more comfortable in our environments and therefore better able to settle into the session.

I do not offer in-person sessions at the moment. Join my mailing list here to know when and if local sessions become available. 

Do you offer discounted services? 

Yes! Cassie offers two discounted sessions a month by need for $50. Those who identify as BIPOC or LGBTQIA2S+ will be prioritized for these sessions. 

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  • To gift a service to someone in need, contact us here

For my cancellation, refund, and ethics policy, please visit the Terms and Conditions page here. 

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