Energy Work & Intuitive Mentorship Testimonials




Laura C. // Remote Energy Work October 19, 2021


"Cassie is a beautiful soul and a gifted healer. It was a beautiful experience for me and honestly such a blessing to be on the receiving end of that healing. I can't thank Cassie enough. Cassie's breakdown of the energy work was so helpful and it was great to get the recording of the session too.


The session demanded my body to get out of fight or flight and into rest and repair the next day, the healing allowed me to relax more than I usually can and I napped for the first time in 4 years. I literally felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and felt lighter and really peaceful after the session. I looked at myself in the mirror and really saw myself for the first time in the longest time and felt nothing but love for myself. I'm not sure if that makes sense but it was as if my spark was back (maybe it was that little piece of me that Cassie brought back in the session, which was so moving and I'm so grateful for).


I felt warm as if I was being held when I was falling asleep that night too. I felt supported by the universe, it was really comforting. Cassie helped to heal some intense trauma and wounds from my birth experience. I've felt very present and connected with my daughter since and we've been having fun and laughing a lot which is huge for me as I've struggled with genuinely feeling joy with anyone and laughing without feeling like I was forcing it since I was about 17 (I'm 30 now.)


Cassie made me feel at ease from the beginning to the end of the session and was so supportive when energies were rising up to be released. I would recommend a session with her in a heartbeat and I look forward to working with Cassie again in the future."





Elizabeth S. // Remote Energy Work October 14, 2021
"There are not enough words to describe the emotions and feelings that flowed through me during and after my session with Cassie. During the meditation I was immediately transported to peace. When energy needed to be pulled from a certain area I could physically feel it leaving my body and love take it’s place. The most intense part for me was when Cassie was able to detach a cord from my throat I’ve been working on removing myself and needed help with. I felt so free! I had the biggest smile on my face as she finished up and knew powerful work had been done!"







Serenity D. // Intuitive Mentorship, September 2021 

"Cassie was so sweet and welcoming. I loved her energy, I truly felt safe to open up to her about my life. She was able to answer honestly to all of my questions during this unknown journey, and I loved hearing about her personal experiences. I definitely enjoyed our session because she was able to validate all of my concerns and point in the right direction. She lifted my spirit and I feel even more confident to continue on this beautiful path! Thank you so much!"




Danie // Remote Energy Work September, 2021
"I had never had energy work done before so I was completely open to whatever experience was meant for me. Cassie was very gentle, explained what she would (and did) do, and encouraged me to speak up if I felt uncomfortable. I felt respected and taken care of. I appreciate the thoroughness of the session which goes beyond the actual energy healing (which was thorough in and of itself): the card pull, the write-up of the session, the q&a at the end, etc. I will definitely be visiting again!"





Elena M. // Remote Energy Work  September, 2021

"Cassie patiently took the time to explain terms I was unfamiliar with before our session began. She made me feel more relaxed about the process.

During the process her kind words, as I shared what sensations I was feeling during the session helped me to understand what was taking place in my body. After the session she gave me some rituals to continue on my own in order to keep the flow fluid.

I'd never done anything like this before and was quite moved by the whole experience. I will definitely be coming back for another session, as needed."





Arais C. // Remote Energy Work August, 2021

"Cassie has so many beautiful gifts to share with the world and I'm so grateful she shared and supported me, my grandmother, and my family with one of her gifts: energy work.

We were going through some challenging times with my grandmother's health and Cassie offered to do energy work on her to bring some comfort to her spirit. Cassie sent me audio once she finished it and it brought me to tears of joy. In a voice message, Cassie gave me some messages from my grandmother's spirit including advice, words of encouragement, and some of our best memories together. Cassie also did aura cleansing for my grandmother's aura which brought me some extra peace of mind. The whole energy work experience with Cassie was special in every way and I'd highly recommend it to anyone."