• Apatite Pebble
  • Apatite Pebble

Apatite Pebble

  • $6.50

These high-quality apatite pebbles will make you think you've been transported to the ocean! The unusual, semi-transparent blue hues of this stone are truly captivating.

Apatite can help you move deeper into meditation and help clear your mind of any confusion. It's also called a stone of manifestation as it can help you come into better alignment with your goals. This stone was added to our line-up with Gemini in mind, but it'll be beneficial for anyone feeling called to its energy. 


🌙 You'll receive one tumbled apatite pebble.

🌙 Each piece is about 1" across. 

🌙 Their colors range from deep dark blue to a lighter blue. Expect variations, Mother Nature's cool like that. 


❤️ We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our crystals are mined and tumbled in ethical working environments. We use recycled and recyclable sterling silver, boxes, tissue paper, and cards. 99% of our materials are purchased from the U.S. to reduce travel pollution and support our local economy.

❤️ Your purchases support awesome women, handmade products, eco-friendly companies, our local economy, and the proliferation of love and light. THANK YOU!