Chrysocolla Slabs for Clear Communication

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Chrysocolla is a stone of communication. It is a great stone for teachers, writers, speakers, and public figures as it will help you speak your truth in a way that people can hear. This stone is also said to help align and energize the chakras. 

Chrysocolla is an ideal stone for those with a lot of Sagittarius in their birth chart, or for fielding the energy of Sagittarius season. These are great stones to keep on your desk if you're a writer, speaker, or teacher. 

🌙  You'll receive the exact slab you select from the drop-down menu. Please, review images for pictures of each stone. 

🌙  Measurements of each stone: A- 3.5"X1", B- 3.25"X2", C 3.5"X3.25", D 5.5"X3.5", E 5.5"X3.25", F 5.5"X3.5"



    ❤️ As with all of our crystals, these were mined, cut, and polished ethically. We only work with crystal suppliers that can guarantee ethical work environments and pay for their miners and polishers. We're proud to be able to offer you ethically mined and cut crystal!

    ❤️ We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We use recycled and recyclable sterling silver, boxes, tissue paper, and cards. 99% of our materials are purchased from the U.S. to reduce travel pollution and support our local economy.

    ❤️ Your purchases support awesome women, handmade products, eco-friendly companies, our local economy, and the proliferation of love and light. THANK YOU!


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