Kyanite Throat Chakra OOAK Earrings



Kyanite Throat Chakra OOAK Earrings

Your throat chakra is the energetic space that releases your thoughts, desires, teachings, and projects out into the world. When blocked, this chakra can throw other chakras off balance because nothing can escape, or if things do it may not come out as intended. 

Balance your throat chakra and express your creativity and thoughts freely by wearing these stones. Kyanite comes with the added benefit of being a great balancer for all of your chakras.

❤️ These earrings feature kyanite. Each piece in this line bears the throat chakra symbol on the back. 
❤️ Handcrafted setting and ear wires are made of solid .925 sterling silver. 
❤️ You will receive the same piece shown in the images. It will be shipped from our studio in 1-2 business days. 

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