Live by the sun love by the moon Brass leather bracelet


Closure Style

This inspirational bracelet is a great way to make a statement on your arm. The bracelet says "live by the sun, love by the moon" and has a crescent moon and sun symbol.

♥ Metal plate measures 3/8" X 2"

♥ You choose the closure style for this bracelet, see images for options and make selection at checkout. If you're ordering a clasped or wrap option please make note at checkout of what size you need. Size suggestions, small 6.5", medium 7", large 7.5".

♥ Cord comes in a variety of colors. See options in images, make your choice at checkout. Vegan friendly waxed cotton cord also available.

♥ Bracelet is made of brass. Left untreated brass will darken over time giving it a beautiful antique look. To slow this aging process we put a protective coating over the piece. If you prefer to not have this protective coating put on your piece please leave us a note at checkout.

♥ Add a personal note to your order.

♥ All purchases come gift wrapped and closed with a logo sticker. If you do not want your item wrapped, please leave a note during checkout.

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