Harvest Season Herbal Wands // With Kit Option

  • $14.50
Wand Options
Wand Options

These wands are packed full of earthy herbs to help you honor and celebrate the harvest season. 

Purchase this herb solo or with accompanying candles (brown and gold) and crystals (sunstone and mookaite) to align your altar with the season. 

🌙 Contents of this herb stick. You'll receive 1 herb stick approximately 6-7" in length. Each herb stick is made with a base of rosemary, lemon balm, loose rue, a sprig of wheat, a marigold, cinnamon stick, and a baby sunflower. 

🌙 2 ways to use this herb stick. Place this herb stick in your home or on your altar as a fragrant offering for Lughnasadh. Burn the smoke wand to cleanse the energy of yourself and your home.

These fragrant herbal wands were handcrafted by Fey Herba, just for Zenned Out. Its unique composition and design can't be found anywhere else!