Eostre Floral Lavender Smoke Wand for Cleansing

Eostre is the Goddess of spring associated with newness, dawn, and the element of air. 

This extravagant floral herb stick was handcrafted by The Flower Child Bruja specifically for Zenned Out. Its unique composition can't be found anywhere else!

🌙 Contents of this herb stick. You'll receive one herb stick that contains a base of lavender sage with roses, creosote, lavender flowers, and baby's breath. 

🌙 How to use this herb stick. Place this herb stick in your home or on your altar for protection, an intuitive aid, and a representation of lunar energy. Burn the smoke wand to cleanse your space and enjoy an earthy aroma. 

This is a powerful tool for protection, cleansing, psychic work, and connecting to lunar energy. The herb stick smells amazing without even burning it!