Summer Solstice Herbal Wand // Lavender, rosemary, lamb's ear, creosote & more

  • $21.50

Litha, the Summer Solstice, and Midsummer arrive to honor the longest day of the year and the Sun in its height of power. It's a season to shine your light, celebrate the sun, and recognize that moving forward the days will begin decreasing in light.   

This herb wand contains rosemary for energy cleansing, lavender and chamomile for peace, lamb's ear (wooly betony) for protection, locally harvested creosote for strength, and Viking daisies to honor the sun. 

These fragrant and floral wands were handcrafted by local Arizona florist, Flowers by Austin just for Zenned Out. Its unique composition and design can't be found anywhere else!

🌙 Contents of this herb stick. You'll receive 1 herb stick approximately 7.5" in length.

🌙 2 ways to use this herb stick. Place this herb stick in your home or on your altar as a fragrant offering for the Summer Solstice . Burn the smoke wand to cleanse the energy of yourself and home, to honor the height of summer and our life-giving sun, and protect yourself during this season when the veil is thin.