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Tumbled Bolivianite (Fluorite + Serpentine)

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Bolivianite is a relatively new find from Bolivia and Peru. It was discovered in 2018 and is believed to be a combination of fluorite and serpentine. 

The combination of serpentine and fluorite helps to connect the root, heart, and third eye chakra, offering a sense of balance between the physical and spirit world. 


🌙 You'll receive one piece of intuitively selected tumbled bolivianite.

🌙 Each piece is about 1" across. 

🌙  Each piece varies in color from white, to purple, to green. Expect variations, Mother Nature's cool like that. If you want to ensure that you receive stones with all three colors we suggest purchasing 3 pieces for a good mix. 


❤️ We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our crystals are mined and tumbled in ethical working environments. We use recycled and recyclable sterling silver, boxes, tissue paper, and cards. 99% of our materials are purchased from the U.S. to reduce travel pollution and support our local economy.

❤️ Your purchases support awesome women, handmade products, eco-friendly companies, our local economy, and the proliferation of love and light. THANK YOU!